The Div7a ticking time bomb explodes.

Join ChangeGPS this monday to solve the Div7a ticking time bomb.

Nostalgic are the days of moving profit around groups on whiteboards and journals, making loans and UPEs with the sole focus of legally minimising your clients tax.

Now, untreated these extremely common strategies are now a ticking time bomb on your clients balance sheets, and the ATO just lit the fuse.

From 1 July 2023, the ATO has increased the interest rate on these loans from 4.77% to 8.27%, an increase of 73%.

This interest rate is the highest it has been in the past 15 years!

Join ChangeGPS CEO David Boyar and Founder Timothy Munro for this monumental web-event
  • Understand the Changes: See how the rate rise will cost your clients thousands in non deductable debt.
  • Navigate Compliance: Discover compliance focus areas with the revised regulations while reducing the long term cash balances of your clients
  • Exploring Loan Repayment Options: Get the tools to find viable options for restructuring existing Div7A loans to mitigate the effects of the interest rate hike.
  • Tax-Efficient Alternatives: Learn about alternative strategies that can help your clients manage their financial affairs more effectively in light of these changes.
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    David Boyar
    CEO, ChangeGPS
    David joined ChangeGPS as GM of Growth and then CEO to drive the development of the industry after founding The Virtual CFO Association and co-hosting 'From the Trenches'—Australia's #2 iTunes business podcast. David's one of the youngest Fellow Chartered Accountants in Australia. He loves using accounting to help Aussie mums and dads so much that he did a TedX talk on it.
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    Timothy Munro
    Founder & Executive Director, ChangeGPS
    Tim founded ChangeGPS after founding award-winning accounting firm Change Accountants & Advisors. Tim is a former Director of the Institute of Public Accountants, is currently its Queensland President, and he lives and breathes his professional passion for accounting. At ChangeGPS Tim fuels the vision for a better accounting industry using technology and best practice. Outside work Tim’s a parent, drummer and cricket-player.