How can TaxPlan by ChangeGPS improve your client communications throughout the year? Join Scott and Aaron to go through how you can add value to your clients, Whether it is communicating the tax effect of CGT or when they need to make their payments to the ATO there are multiple ways to guide your clients.
  • Year Round Resources
  • TaxFlow Report - Automating your PAYGI details
  • Multiple ways to use Scenario Comparison Report for your clients
  • Advanced Reports that your clients need now!
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    Scott Peeler-Hammond
    New Member Consultant
    Scott joined ChangeGPS in mid-2022 after spending 18 plus years in service and technology sales.  He spends his time not just helping the leaders of accounting firms understand how to make more money, do the work faster, and most importantly get more love for the value they bring to their clients but also helping these leaders train their team to be able to grow together.
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    Aaron Hart
    Member Success Manager
    Aaron previously worked as a Senior Business Analyst, working across cross-functional teams to develop and implement strategic plans to improve efficiency and profitability. Aaron is excited to apply his wealth of business development and customer success knowledge to ChangeGPS, and support our customers in finding the best solutions for their business needs.