Whether it’s spending more time with family, doing the things you love or branching in to advisory — we help you with tools and resources to reduce the pressure on you, delegate and automate the compliance work and save time.

As a bonus — You'll receive a complimentary 'Work From Home' 2023 client information flyer.
  • Workpapers that work for your team
  • Automate structure diagrams from CAS360 and XPM
  • Help your admin team to get head with a wealth of standard letter templates ready for mail merge
  • Collate PDF documents in second
  • Generate standard meeting agendas and record action items
  • See what other firms are using at this time of year from our collection of 500+ downloadable resources
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    Scott Peeler-Hammond
    New Member Consultant
    Scott joined ChangeGPS in mid-2022 after spending 18 plus years in service and technology sales.  He spends his time not just helping the leaders of accounting firms understand how to make more money, do the work faster, and most importantly get more love for the value they bring to their clients but also helping these leaders train their team to be able to grow together.