We believe that accountants don't earn enough and never is it more on show than tax planning season. 

Great strategies save clients thousands, de-risk their lives and help them manage cash flow yet so much of this advice is given away for free in avoidable "quick tax chats". 

This Tax Planning Season you can find new ways to impress your clients, automate your tax plan reports and standardise your advice to help more clients, all while de-risking your practice.
  • The difference between tax estimation and tax planning and why ESTIMATION ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH
  • The difference between a spreadsheet and a client facing scenario report that improves the chances of your advice being acted on
  • How to quantify the value of tax planning
  • The EXACT MARKETING PLAN to get more clients paying for tax planning
  • How to ENGAGE your clients in tax planning services.
  • “DE-RISKING” strategies for your practice with automated file notes, meeting agendas and ACTION items
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    Scott Peeler-Hammond
    New Member Consultant
    Scott joined ChangeGPS in mid-2022 after spending 18 plus years in service and technology sales.  He spends his time not just helping the leaders of accounting firms understand how to make more money, do the work faster, and most importantly get more love for the value they bring to their clients but also helping these leaders train their team to be able to grow together.