The growing cost of living, rampant inflation, and unstable economic circumstances are putting pressure on small businesses like yours and your clients. It’s making it hard for accountants to get client work done, and we don’t know when it will end! With these changes coming just as we get back on our feet after COVID, is your practice resilient enough? What about your clients?

The silver lining is that you can take steps to protect your business and also guide your clients through this difficult time.

Join ChangeGPS Founder Timothy Munro and CEO David Boyar FCA for this webinar to learn how to tackle the building challenges and rebound when things return to normal.
  • Discuss the impact of current unstable economic conditions on you and your clients.
  • Explore why resilience is essential.
  • Hear strategies and best practices for the sustainability of your practice.
  • Learn how you can help your clients through this period and prepare them to rebound.
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    David Boyar
    CEO, ChangeGPS
    David joined ChangeGPS as GM of Growth and then CEO to drive the development of the industry after founding The Virtual CFO Association and co-hosting 'From the Trenches'—Australia's #2 iTunes business podcast. David's one of the youngest Fellow Chartered Accountants in Australia. He loves using accounting to help Aussie mums and dads so much that he did a TedX talk on it.
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    Timothy Munro
    Founder & Executive Director, ChangeGPS
    Tim founded ChangeGPS after founding the award-winning accounting firm Change Accountants & Advisors. Tim is a former Director and Queensland President of the Institute of Public Accountants. He lives and breathes his professional passion for accounting. At ChangeGPS Tim fuels the vision for a better accounting industry using technology and best practice. Outside work, Tim’s a parent, drummer, and cricket-player.
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    Scott Peeler-Hammond
    Head of Sales
    Scott joined ChangeGPS in mid-2022 after spending 18 plus years in service and technology sales.  He spends his time not just helping the leaders of accounting firms understand how to make more money, do the work faster, and most importantly get more love for the value they bring to their clients but also helping these leaders train their team to be able to grow together.