Increased client demands, time pressures and an ongoing skills shortage have pushed accountants to cut corners.

The ATO’s recent Next 5,000 program has identified tax return errors caused by a lack of documented governance processes, procedures, and poor record keeping.

The Next 5,000 report is a sign that now’s the time to deal with this work quality can you’ve been kicking down the road.

And the ATO has just gifted you the golden ticket out!

Tax compliance governance and the art of being an accountant, more than ever, have significant value that you need to be charging for.

Join ChangeGPS Founder Timothy Munro and CEO David Boyar FCA for this webinar to learn how you can safeguard against compliance risks, elevate your firm's service offerings, and get paid for it.
  • Learn some of the most common corner-cutting errors being identified.
  • Hear ways to identify common factors contributing to these errors.
  • Learn why top-tier work deserves its own price tag – and how to get clients on board.
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    David Boyar
    CEO, ChangeGPS
    David joined ChangeGPS as GM of Growth and then CEO to drive the development of the industry after founding The Virtual CFO Association and co-hosting 'From the Trenches'—Australia's #2 iTunes business podcast. David's one of the youngest Fellow Chartered Accountants in Australia. He loves using accounting to help Aussie mums and dads so much that he did a TedX talk on it.
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    Timothy Munro
    Founder & Executive Director, ChangeGPS
    Tim founded ChangeGPS after founding the award-winning accounting firm Change Accountants & Advisors. Tim is a former Director and Queensland President of the Institute of Public Accountants. He lives and breathes his professional passion for accounting. At ChangeGPS Tim fuels the vision for a better accounting industry using technology and best practice. Outside work, Tim’s a parent, drummer, and cricket-player.